Thursday, 30 August 2007


This brings back memories. Its our 'Senior Ladies Fellowship' which used to meet on a Thursday afternoon at our Church in Newtownards. We would meet for a Bible reading and singing and then have tea or in the cold days some soup. During the summer we would set of in the old bus here, there and yonder singing as we went and then park somewhere for tea out of Mrs Haire's big flask. Time has taken its toll and eight of the ladies in the photo have since gone home to be with Christ.


  1. There she is! Wee Mrs Boyd. "You can't get to Heaven if you live like a pig!" That was Nicholson theology alricht.

  2. She used to say "a vagabond rascal" which i suppose was her take on Acts 17 v 5 "certain lewd fellows of the baser sort".

  3. That's richt. I remember that yin tae. I wonder what her repertoire is now in the Glory Land? The Lord bless her - she was an inspiration here on earth.