Friday, 2 November 2007

I'm Back

Sorry I have'nt been posting much but my Mother fell 3 weeks ago and broke her hip so with work , church and up and down to the hospital I'm kept busy. She had to wait 2 weeks before they could do anything because of her heart but glad to say she had the surgery on Tuesday of this week and is doing well. She will be 81 in December so she could have done without this but there it goes. Glad to see brother Maxwell and brother Thompson are still blogging strong!

1 comment:

  1. Fair fa' ye, Stephen!

    Sorry tae hear about yer mither. I hope she gets ower this fall. Just back the nicht frae two weeks deputation meetin's. I preached in each o' the six counties in Northern Ireland. A guid time. Wull hae tae get somethin' out on the Apples o' Gold blog or it wull wither on the vine. Keep in touch.