Thursday, 31 July 2008

On This Day ... July 31st 1964.

"Gentleman" Jim Reeves, famous for velvet voice, died in a plane crash on July 31, 1964. A life-sized sculpture of the famous singer marks his grave on a one-acre, tree-covered plot of ground three miles east of Carthage,Texas on U.S. Highway 79. Thousands of visitors from every state and many foreign countries have visited the site. In 1967, his favorite dog Cheyenne was buried inside the concrete circle surrounding the grave of his former master just a few feet to one side and to the rear, in just about the same position Cheyenne would have assumed in following his master.


  1. But where Jim went poor old Cheyenne could not follow!

  2. Thon's a lovely banner at the top o' yr blog.

    Fair fa' ye!