Monday, 17 September 2007

The Dark Times In Life.

Life can take a turn
You never thought it would
Suddenly so much can change
With so little that's understood

You ask so many questions
It seems without reply
Your heart is pained with so much doubt
And unanswered questions 'why'

It's almost like we walk through life
Just feeling our way around
We can't see the road ahead
Nor our feet on the ground

Darkness is all about us
We struggle to see the light
Just a glimmer now and then
But then fades out of sight

We cry out to God again
To show us where to go
He says 'Just take another step
To where peace freely flows'

And as we keep on taking steps
Guided by the Lord
We find in time, we walk into
The joy we knew before

It's in those times of darkness
When we feel we've lost all hope
God can do a work in us
That brings a deeper growth

So when we face the dark times
We should come before the Lord
For good will come if we believe
And hope shall be restored.

© By M.S.Lowndes

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