Friday, 21 September 2007

We'll Guard Old Derry's Walls

In Londonderry today with brother Gordon Kennedy. Toured the famous walls and at a look in St Columb's Cathedral. History shouting at you from every stone and cannon! Ended up in McAuley's Bible Bookshop in Ballymoney and burger and chips for lunch. Good day out!


  1. Yes got myself a new Free Presbyterian Hymn Book as my old one is coming apart. Two volumns of John MacArthur on the book of Romans and a MacArthur study guide on John's Gospel. My first time in that shop, its a lovely shop.

  2. Seeing you were fit for burger and chips at lunchtime, I assume you drove? :-)

  3. No the big fellow drove and you want to hear the noise of his motor as a wheel bearing was wailing like a ban-she!